Spain has opened up its doors to Filipinos who would like to acquire residency and citizenship in the country through its Investor Residency programme or Golden Visa.

With a minimum investment of €500,000 on real estate, or a bank deposit or a purchase of company stocks for at least €1,000,000, you could be eligible for a Golden Visa. You could also make a sizeable investment of €2,000,000 in the Spanish Treasury Bond or build a business in Spain to qualify for the Investor Residency programme.

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Did you know that Spain has the third most powerful passport in the world? This is according to the 2022 Henley Passport Index.

With a Spanish passport, you can visit 189 destinations visa-free. This includes Schengen Europe.

As Filipinos, you only have to be a resident of Spain for two years to apply for citizenship. It is the shortest period of residency for any country in Europe.

Would like to travel visa-free in most of Europe, gain access to an efficient health care system that’s ranked seventh in the world, and improve your overall quality of life? Your best option is to acquire residency through the Investor Residency programme.

As residents of Spain via the Golden Visa programme, you and your family would be able to work, study, and do business in the country.