Living in Spain is still one of the most sought-after goals by many Filipinos. Apart from its delicious food and vibrant culture, Spain offers countless destinations enough to quench your thirst for travel.

Barcelona and Madrid, in particular, are two of the most popular cities in the country — and for good reason! These first-class cosmopolitan cities are environment-friendly and offer steadily appreciating real estate opportunities.

But whether you want to live in the city or explore the countryside, there is always something waiting for you to discover and experience in Spain.


Amazing Weather

Tired of the wet and dry seasons of the Philippines? Enjoy Spain’s three different climate zones! In general, the country has a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and rainy winters. If you’re looking for cold winters, however, head over to Meseta.

Beautiful Beaches

The Philippines may have some of the best beaches in the world, but Spain offers a vast coastline, there’s always a beach nearby wherever you go.

Stunning Scenery

Spain’s seascapes and landscapes will leave you wanting to be surrounded by nature all the time. Trek to your heart’s content or enjoy the country’s amazing beaches with the family.

Dazzling Cities

Spain’s bustling cosmopolitan cities offer breathtaking experiences for all ages. Enjoy shopping, museum-hopping, and food adventures in Barcelona or Madrid.

Friendly People

Like Filipinos, the Spanish people are friendly, hospitable, and helpful. You would feel right at home as they welcome you to their communities.


CAPITAL of Spain, a common ground of nationalities, religions, genders, and cultures.

Madrid espouses and embraces diversity and unity.


Home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is also home to the Barcelona Grand Prix, the only F1 race held every May in Spain.​

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