About Us

We will help, guide, and support your dreams of owning real estate in Spain. We have international experience and expertise to advise you in every step of the way.

Every year, thousands of individuals and families across the globe apply for the Spanish Golden Visa Investment programme.

From left to right: Atty. Luis Mari Romero Salas, Santiago JD - Director, Carlos Enrique Pedrosa Brias - Director, Dra. Maria Luisa Ticzon - Director, Atty. Edmund O. Reyes Jr., JD, MBA - Philippine Legal Consultant
Vive España specialises in helping Filipinos make their dreams of living in Spain a reality. As fellow Filipinos, we understand your unique needs and preferences, which other organisations often fail to recognise.

Not only do we provide legal and real estate services, but we also offer valuable insights on daily living in Spain. From finding schools to looking for work opportunities, our team has experienced them all.

Our first-hand experience as Filipinos living in Spain and our expertise in the field are what make Vive España your best choice for support when moving to Spain under the Spanish Golden Visa Investment programme.

Why Choose Us?

Real Estate and Legal Team

A team that will guide you every step of the way.

Local Expertise

Living in Spain with actual experience of daily family life from school, medical, sports & recreation and work opportunities

International Team

We are comprised of Filipinos and Spaniards who are sensitive to your unique tastes and preferences