Barcelona is one of the most populated cities in the country. It is popular for its culture, style, and vibrant scenery.

Flourishing Expat Community

Barcelona is well-loved by expatriates because of its diverse community. You will see and experience this in all areas of the city, including in schools, and workplaces.

There is also a full-service Philippine Consulate General in the city.

Tech Hub

The city is a tech hub, being home to the yearly Mobile World Conference since 2006. Many of its schools and business are also in the field of science and technology.

Amazing Weather

Hate extreme weather conditions? You will love Barcelona’s temperate weather! The average temperature in the summer is 28-degree Celsius while in winter, the average temperature is 15-degree Celsius.

Tourist Destination

Barcelona is a favourite tourist destination of people all over the world. You have the sea on one side and peaks and valleys on the other.

The Catalunya region features 114 beaches and 24 of those are found in Barcelona. You’ll always have the beach to enjoy with your family and friends!

Its thriving tourism industry means a strong local economy, which is a plus when thinking about living in Spain.


The city is known for its active and sporty lifestyle. It is also the Motosport capital of Spain and home to the Barcelona Grand Prix, the only F1 race held in Spain.


Barcelona is home to not one but nine UNESCO world heritage sites. Explore these sites and have a deeper appreciation of the city.