Bespoke Service for Real Estate Investments in Spain

We qualify and match your needs and wants with the ideal property for you and your family and compliment this with a Golden Visa.

What is a Golden Visa

Value for Money

Safest and most
conservative option

Invest € 500,000 in real estate

Why Choose Us?

Real Estate and Legal Team

A team that will guide you every step of the way.

Local Expertise

Living in Spain with actual experience of daily family life from school, medical, sports & recreation and work opportunities

International Team

We are comprised of Filipinos and Spaniards who are sensitive to your unique tastes and preferences


Home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is also home to the Barcelona Grand Prix, the only F1 race held every May in Spain.​

CAPITAL of Spain, a common ground of nationalities, religions, genders, and cultures.

Madrid espouses and embraces diversity and unity.